First Large Order

Our first large order just came in: more than 100 bottles will be sent soon to an entrepreneur in Berlin. Thank you for your trust in our new business. Hopefully many other big orders by many different companies will follow. We are certainly happy to provide consumers all over the world with our high quality product as well. As we are still in pre-sales, it is your chance now to order your bottle of Salinenluft – fresh air made in Germany.

Pre-Sales Start In June

Our first load of freshly bottled Salinenluft has been completed, the movie as well, and the website is launched: Pre-sales start on June, 5th. Go and get one of the very first bottles of fresh air made in Germany.
During pre-sales you will get 20 percent off of our bottled air. Because our systems still may show various problems; this can allow for delays or other inconveniences in receiving our product. By buying during pre-sales, you accept these quirks. Furthermore we do not have all of our products in stock but you can start with our single pack only. Pre-sales will end on June, 20th.