Fresh Air from Kreuznach Spa's Salinas. Made in Germany.

Onwards to our second season

Dear friends, followers and customers of Salinenluft!

111We have good news for you: Finally the hibernation cycle in Saline Valley is over and we can go into production for 2017.
On March 27th the first graduation tower began to pump brine again. One day later the other towers were switched on. Now the brine, the salty thermal water, trickles down over 1000 meters of blackthorne walls and fills the air with a healthy odoriferousness.
The new production phase of saline air begins on April 1st. By starting one week later we ensure that the gradient houses are in production long enough, thereby having already filled Saline Valley with our precious air.

Only five bottles of 2016 are left. By placing your order right now, you can make sure to get one of the rare first range.

Please see our „about“ page for further information on saline air production.


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