Fresh Air from Kreuznach Spa's Salinas. Made in Germany.


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Salinenluft (Saline Air) provides you with high quality German air produced and bottled in Salinental, the Saline Valley near the German town of Kreuznach Spa (German: Bad Kreuznach; Bad is German for spa). In Saline Valley many hot and salty springs can be found. The salty water is called brine. It is pumped to graduation towers or saltworks. The valley itself is a large, lush and green park landscape with the graduation houses as an integral part of it.

The brine trickles down over various feet of brushwood. Thereby part of the water evapourates, thereby thickening the brine. In ancient times, this was seen to be a good method to produce salt locally instead of buying it for a high price.

But when the brine evapourates it also transports a tiny portion of salt into the air. Thus the air smells of salt just like at the seaside. Seaside air is often referred to as to be especially good for the respiratory system. Is relaxes your lungs. The valley is surrounded by steep hills, mountains and rocks, so that the salty air stays within the valley and creates  a very special micro climate.

Do you want to know more about Kreuznach Spa’s Saline Valley? Take a look.

Here at Salinenluft, we bottle this very special high quality German air. We ensure that every bottle contains the same amount of good, healthy air by putting our bottles on a rotating rack, measuring the wind and running quality tests. We don’t just farm air. We produce it.

Have a look at our video. And at our shop.

Salinenluft is a brand of kreativlabor butz. This company founded by Stefan Butz provides you with fresh German air as well as journalistic and PR texts and photos, webdesign, videos plus layout and design for print (

Some say that Salinenluft air is a satirical product. They could be right.

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