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Media Frenzy About Salinenluft

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We at Salinenluft did not expect that: Media from all over the world made contact with us. That’s why Salinenluft is now well known in many countries on various continents. Here’s a little overview:

It started in Germany: The local newspapers Oeffentlicher Anzeiger and Allgemeine Zeitung reported about Salinenluft, the local online news site Hanz online followed. Then it went slightly bigger: The regional TV station SWR made a two minute report about our business for the evening news programme Landesschau. The Frankfurt-based regional edition of Germany’s biggest tabloid, BILD, gave us the headline on page four and produced a small video as well. Then the local TV station Nahe TV joined in.

Salinenluft’s press release was sent to selected news outlets around the world. First, The Hans India, one of Indias largest broadsheets published in English, did a story about salinenluft. Then, US journalist Daniel Setiawan approached us, doing a story about bottled air sales worldwide. He first published his story on, part of a large US web and TV network. His story also made it on,, and, while msn and msn money,, and published a short video based on Setiawan’s reporting.

The Mental Floss magazine braught the Salinenluft story back to facebook. There and on Twitter, strange things had already happened. In Facebook the likes for Salinenluft exploded shortly after the fan page for Salinenluft was set up. It now has more than 6000 likes – mainly from Pakistan. “I cannot tell you why”, says Salinenluft founder Stefan Butz. India, Egypt, the Philippines plus various countries on the Arabian peninsula follow after Pakistan (China has neither Facebook nor Twitter).

On Twitter, Salinenluft’s account is by now followed by Franchising USA, video channel Vines Tv, Moscow Top News, India lifestyle news LifeCrust, US based Environews, The Jewish Voice, the Indian fashion site The Fasion Crab, How To Be Hippy with its “Cool Ideas For Conscious Consumers” and Missouri based Bring Up Business. Salinenluft also made it on There, the comments are mosty negative, whereas on other websites the users seem to get the joke.

Salinenluft’s video on Youtube now has nearly 7000 clicks. It even went bigger on, where it has nearly 25.000 views. You can find it on Reddit and on a audio version of the article was published. It also made it on the entertainment network

That’s quite a bit. Have you found Salinenluft on another website? Do not hesitate and .


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