The Production

An exact production process makes sure that each and every bottle is filled with top quality air made in Germany. Watch our video!

The Bottle

Our corked glass bottles ensure that Saline air is stored and sealed properly. Once the bottle is uncorked you can smell the fresh air.

The Gift Box

Every bottle of Salinenluft comes with a beautiful yet stable gift box. An ideal treat for you or your loved ones.

Breathe Like A President!

Dear President-elect Donald Trump! We at Salinenluft – fresh air made in Germany – would like to present our best wishes for your upcoming presidency. Alas, we have learned that you are rather quick tempered. Our high quality German air – bottled in the Saline Valley not far away from your ancestor’s home village –

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Major News Update: Apologies To Ireland, Kudos To Russia

Tá brón orm, Irish Independent. How could we have possibly overlooked your marvellous article on Salinenluft from the 22nd of October 2016 based on our international press release? But we did and so we have to apologise. Your text was the reason that Shemazing! reported on Salinenluft as they read the Irish Independent, Ireland’s biggest

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Salinenluft Also Works Marvels Against Chemtrails

Thanks to Ruptly, the Russian news agency, Salinenluft is shown to a new clientel worldwide. A staff member of Ruptly’s German branch did the video this morning. Large numbers of visiors due to the publishing of this video on youtube caused our website to be offline later in the evening.  The video was made in

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The Perfect Present For The Festive Season

Now the gradient houses are silent. No more salty water runs down the stacks of brushwood. Winter is coming. The salinas in Saline Valley, where our air is engineered, are standing still and will operate again in spring 2017.   We are now selling all those bottles we filled during summer and autumn. Get one

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Media Frenzy About Salinenluft

We at Salinenluft did not expect that: Media from all over the world made contact with us. That’s why Salinenluft is now well known in many countries on various continents. Here’s a little overview: It started in Germany: The local newspapers Oeffentlicher Anzeiger and Allgemeine Zeitung reported about Salinenluft, the local online news site Hanz

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First Large Order

Our first large order just came in: more than 100 bottles will be sent soon to an entrepreneur in Berlin. Thank you for your trust in our new business. Hopefully many other big orders by many different companies will follow. We are certainly happy to provide consumers all over the world with our high quality

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Pre-Sales Start In June

Our first load of freshly bottled Salinenluft has been completed, the movie as well, and the website is launched: Pre-sales start on June, 5th. Go and get one of the very first bottles of fresh air made in Germany. During pre-sales you will get 20 percent off of our bottled air. Because our systems still

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