Fresh Air from Kreuznach Spa's Salinas. Made in Germany.

Salinenluft Also Works Marvels Against Chemtrails

Thanks to Ruptly, the Russian news agency, Salinenluft is shown to a new clientel worldwide. A staff member of Ruptly’s German branch did the video this morning. Large numbers of visiors due to the publishing of this video on youtube caused our website to be offline later in the evening.  The video was made in totally frozen Salina Valley where no brine at all was trickling down the stacked brushwood at the large gradient towers. As post production took place by the this one staff member while driving a car up to the far away North Sea port of Bremerhaven, we would like to add some information the video has missed – especially for our Ruptly and Russia Today clientel and for all conspiracy theorists worldwide:

Salinenluft certainly does marvels against chemtrails and the radon laden air in Bad Kreuznach fights any trails of aluminium and barium perfectly. Please forget about the last sentence of the video. It does not have any secret meaning.

And now have fun watching.

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