Salinenluft axes its prices

Salinenluft axes its prices!

Salinenluft axes its prices!

Good news for all you fresh air junkies out there: Salinenluft will cut its prices. 30 Euros or unbelievable 50 per cent off from our most recent price: That is the new price for one half litre bottle full with fresh saline air.

We at Salinenluft had quite a hard time in achieving this goal. Thanks to our new partner, an independent mobile bottle-filler, we axed our production costs. Our partner company is now filling saline air directly at Saline Valley – just as we did so far.

Only we were doing it with our own hands, whereas now a mobile bottle-filling machine fills the bottle, corks it, puts the label on, wraps it up and packs it. It needed a few modifications, but we did it.

With our new prices we are ready to compete at mass markets. These mass markets will be eBay Hong-Kong, Taobao for all of China and Amazon India. Then many more can breathe a fresh breeze – at low costs. Expect us!