Breathe Like A President!

Salinenluft bottle familyDear President-elect Donald Trump!
We at Salinenluft – fresh air made in Germany – would like to present our best wishes for your upcoming presidency. Alas, we have learned that you are rather quick tempered. Our high quality German air – bottled in the Saline Valley not far away from your ancestor’s home village – gives you a chance to cool down, to take a break, to calm it. It could be of vital help in your demanding new job. Imagine mad Kim to start a missile: no need to nuke Pyongyang. Just take a sniff and the world is a better place. Merkel is not doing what you told her? Open a bottle of Salinenluft and rest assured: she does not have any. Please let us now if we can be of any assistance. The first bottle will certainly be on the house.
Kind regards,
Stefan Butz
Founder of Salinenluft

The frenzy of wrath is like any other frenzy: The best cure is fresh air.
(Franz Grillparzer)